Malle W. Trousseau — Cutting tray (16 pc)

L 80 cm x W 60 cm x H 10 cm

Spice Grinder: Two pieces in cast iron with a roughened base and a cork stopper for keeping the unused spices fresh in the storage section. Since 1906 this family business, the last in Scandinavia, has been making cast iron utensils. Simple, it brings out the hidden flavors of pepper and other spices. Made in Sweden.

Shun Knives: Since 1908 this Japanese manufacturer has been producing cutlery inspired by the techniques used in Samurai swords. Blades and tangs in solid layered Damascus type steel with a VG10 core. Handles made of Pakka wood. Made in Japan. (Set of 3)

Santoku Knife: 16.5 cm blade

Carving Knife: 15 cm blade

General Purpose Knife: 9 cm blade

Carving Fork: The squared-off prongs are perfect for lifting and holding meat. Two prongs in stainless steel, two aluminum rivets / 30 cm. Made in Germany.

Chopping Boards: Designed by a craftsman in the Alps and manufactured by a company specialized in making kitchen work surfaces, this board is made – in the traditional manner – from a single piece of wood. In solid walnut, vegetable oil polish / 43 x 24 cm. Made in France. (Includes 2)

Leather Apron: Designed by Malle W. Trousseau, this apron is based on those once used by blacksmiths. Hand cut calf’s leather with four brass eyelets, minimal finishing. One size fits all. Made in France.

Corsican Knife: Handmade by a Corsican craftsman, inspired by the traditional shepherd’s knife known as the Curnicciolu. 12 cm blade in solid steel, boxwood handle. Made in France.

Skimmer and Ladle: Two throwbacks to traditional French cookery made in Villedieu-les-poêles since 1830 by the Mauviel family. Flat skimmer and ladle in copper, brass handles and hanging hook/ 40cm. Made in France.

Wooden Spatula: Designed by a Danish designer specialized in reinterpreting everyday objects. In twisted maple, without adhesive, hand finished / 30 cm. Made in Denmark.

Grinding Stone: Untreated lava, two-sided, 300 and 1000 grains. Made in Japan.

Stainless Steel Soap: A novel and proven way to eliminate persistent food smells from your fingers, "wash" your hands with this stainless steel soap for 30 seconds and the aroma of onion and garlic will be gone. Stainless steel.

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